House bill pins state agencies against the state employee's union

As published by Hawaii News Now on February 29, 2016:

"A House Bill that has been sailing through the Finance Committee is pinning state agencies against the HGEA, the union for state employees.

House Bill 2008 would get rid of temporary, 89-day hires after two terms, or 6 months. Currently, the 89-day hire can be renewed indefinitely.  

Many state and county agencies hire the temps and dozens of departments have submitted testimony opposing HB 2008.  If it becomes law, the Attorney General's office would be the hardest hit.  Of the 50 investigators there, 43 are temporary, 89-day hires.  Many are retired police detectives who repeatedly take the positions because it allows them to still collect their county pensions...

Representative Jarrett Keohokalole -- who also voted in favor -- says the bill is not about revenge, but reform.

ʻWe have already budgeted funds for these permanent positions and the agencies aren't hiring them,ʻ says Keohokalole, ʻWe have agencies not utilizing the money to hire permanent people, instead they're circumventing the civil service system.ʻ"

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