Growing Hawai'i's Economy

In order to prepare for a viable economic future, we must begin looking beyond our traditional economic engines. We simply cannot continue to be dependent solely on the jobs created through the military and hospitality industries.  Our total reliance on these industries makes us subject to economic and political forces outside of the state and outside of our control, and dependent upon further depleting our quickly diminishing natural resources.  We need to focus on developing smarter, more economically sustainable models for the future.

One sector we should be continuing to invest in is clean renewable energy technologies. We have a unique set of resources in our state that we should be taking advantage of in order for us to achieve a more sustainable future. Developing and producing technologies that use solar, ocean, and other natural energy sources will not only ensure a more sustainable future, but also high-quality careers that will serve as the foundation for our economic future.

We need to stop thinking about how our economy is going to make it through the end of the year, and start thinking about how we’re going to make it through the next decade and century.  By providing the right kinds of incentives and smart infrastructure, we can turn Hawai‘i into a hub for international business and high-tech manufacturing, while keeping the Hawai‘i we know and love intact.

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